About us



sonuStarted by its Founder, SHILPA MANGESH SANGLE & PRAMEGH PRAKASH SANGLE.  who is a Dietician, Yoga-instructor and Ayurveda practitioner, is an all in one place for your concerns relating to health issues that can be eradicated by simple wellness therapies such as Yoga, Power Yoga, Counselling, Nutritional and Diet , Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki-Healing, Spa, and MYERS BRIGGS Personality type (MBTI).


SWC’s expertise lies in providing professional fitness and wellness solutions to individual and corporate clients.

SWC Has been spreading wellness and joy among its vast variety of ever-growing clients for the last 12 years.

SWC believes that giving personal attention to every individual is a building block in personality enhancement, and in turn benefits the client significantly.

To follow our USP, SWC conducts an introductory personal visit to the client. As every individual has different levels of fitness, health, medical history, diet and food consuming habits.

SWC keeps track of all the habits of the client and designs a customized wellness program to achieve the client’s desired goal or fitness level.

SWC conducts Personal training, Group training, Corporate training, Social events etc in different parts of India and Abroad.

SWC’s work style:

  • Body measurements. Health checkup (body parameter readings such as body fat analysis, BMI, body age, muscle strength etc.
  • Personal counseling
  • Prepare diet-nutrition plan as per client’s medical history and requirements.
  • Design customized wellness program and training schedule as per clients need.
  • Monitoring the fitness report and feedback from the client.