Stress Management

Stress is inbuilt part of every living body. None can escape it. So the question.

Are you stressed?

Are you able to manage your stress?

We should learn to control and boost the positive stress to our lives meaningful and successful.

Our body is a wonderful kit the supreme power had bestows upon us. A small disorder or a slightest ailment –our body indicators promptly convey to us, only we live in our own life in our own way that we either not able to notice these signals or we indulge so deeply in our passions that we ignore these signals. Our body systems pass on to us the signals of stress as follows.

Cardiovascular Warnings:

Fainting, out of breath, tired, racing heart, and high blood pressure.

Immunological system warnings:

Feeling overworked, tired, trouble in thinking clearly, forgetfulness, memory loss, indecisive, constant worry, no sense of humor.

Emotional and psychological warnings:

Anger, sweaty palms, sleep difficulties, loneliness, crying, anxiety, easily upset, feeling powerless edgy/ready to explode.

Digestive system warnings:

Indigestion, compulsive eating stomach aches, diarrhea/uneven stools, nervous stomach, excessive gas, constipation.

Musculoskeletal warnings:

Backaches, tight neck/shoulders, headaches.

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