The national association of mental health says that one in ten suffer from mental or emotional disorder .in everyone life span everyone must have felt emotionally disturbed at sometime , but most of them come out of it because they had a strong desire to do so.

Temporary upsets are expected to pass eventually but during upset they need understanding and occasional help.
Emotional upsets are natural, not undesirable or wrong. Emotions are spices of life, they are necessary, but one should know at what level they should be use irrational reaction may be disastrous. Sometimes it may be dangerous to suppress than to express in rational manner.

General objective of counselling is to give support in dealing with problems, so that counselee will improve self-awareness, environmental understanding, self-controlled etc.

Counselee (patient) improvements can be achieved through performance of one or more of the following counselling functions.

Advice, re assurance, communication, release of emotional tensions, clarified thinking, reorientation.

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1 Personal 4 (if required)